Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of the Christian faith. He was born
in Bethlehem in what was then called Judea. No one knows the exact date of
the birth of Christ, but he was born some 2000 years ago. The principal
sources of information concerning Jesus’ life are the Gospels as read in
the Bible. According to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, Jesus was
miraculously conceived by his mother, Mary. He was born in Bethlehem,
where Mary and Joseph had gone to comply with the Roman order to report for
a census count. Jesus was born during the reign of the wicked King Herod.

Reaction to the birth of Christ was mixed. The Magi or the three wise men
came to worship him, but King Herald tried to kill him.

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From His very birth Christ was recognized as King. Wise men
brought Him gifts. Shepherds worshipped Him. Angels, knowing that He was
truly King, announced his arrival. And Herold, realizing that there is
never room for two thrones in one kingdom sought Jesus’s life. He ordered
the wisemen to go find the Christ ChIld and to report back to him so that
he could go himself and worship Him too. After finding the Baby Jesus and
worshipping Him, the wisemen were warned by God in a dream that they should
not return to Herold and so they departed to their homes. The book of
Matthew goes on to describe the flight into Egypt, when Mary and Joseph
took Jesus to escape from King Herold.They had been warned about King
Herold by angels sent in a dream.Mary, Joseph and their Baby stayed in
Egypt until King Herold was dead. Again, angels came to Joseph in a dream
and told him that it was now safe to return to Isreal.

It is beleived that Jesus spent his early childhood in Nazareth, in
the region of Galilee. The Gospels do not mention a lot about Jesus’
childhood, and they mention nothing concerning Jesus from the time he was
12 years old until the time he began his ministry when he was about 18
years old. Matthew, Mark and Luke, the first three Gospels of the New
Testament record the ministry of Jesus. Jesus did many things when he
physically lived on earth. As Jesus began his ministry, his affect upon
people’s lives were total and absolute. All through His ministry He spoke
with authority and made demands on people’s consciousness. Jesus denounced
greed, bigotry, hypocrisy,immorality, dishonesty and lawlessness. Even
though he stood for what was right, Jesus invited the tired people, the bad
and the good people, bewildered people, laborers, professionals of the day,
cheats, bigots, and revolutionaries to come to Him for redemption. He
went about all of Gallilee teaching the people and preaching the gospel of
the Kingdom and healing all kinds of sickness and diseases. He became well
known because people talked about the miracles he performed. And Jesus
performed awesome miracles. Not only did He heal the sick and the blind
and the deaf, but He also raised the dead when he brought Lazarus back to
life after he died. Because He did these miracles with love and
compassion, people were drawn to Jesus and His following grew. Jesus spent
His entire life meeting human needs. The most important thing he did while
on earth was that He died on the cross so “that whosoever believeth in me
shall not perish but have everlasting life”. ( John 3:16 )
Jesus is the center of the Christian faith and the Son of God. Just
as people worshipped him 2000 years, people of today continue to worship
Him in churches everywhere. Our school calendar follows the Christian Holy
Days as we celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas and His death and
ressurrection at Easter .